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复活节特惠 (Chinese Easter Special!)


Happy Good Friday! As you know it is a holiday weekend for many who celebrate Easter.
I know this is a very important weekend for many of you. I hope you use this time to reflect
on life, and enjoy celebrating the meaning of this day with your families.

In honor of the holiday, I would like to give back to the LGN Members!

Easter Special

Anyone who makes one sale or more between today Friday, April 22nd and tomorrow
Saturday, April 23rd by 11:59 pm Pacific Daylight Time will be entered into the drawing.

So what is the prize?

Well, I know we have been giving away $324.00 USD in a fund account the last couple of
contests, but I thought we could change it up since it is a holiday weekend!

The winner of this drawing will get a free ticket to attend the LGN International Conference in
Cancun, Mexico in July! In addition, you will win $300.00 USD to go towards your flight or your
hotel bill at the Conference!

This prize can only be collected if you are attending the LGN International Conference on
July 29th & 30th in Cancun, Mexico. In addition, the hotel or airfare must be booked through the
LGNDestinations.com travel portal.

There are so many exciting things occurring with LGN right now.  It is a great feeling knowing that
we are taking your business to the next level. I know many of you have already embraced the
changes and are charging forward. There are some of you that are still trying to grasp the changes,
and that is fine as well! As we have stated, we are 100% committed to educating you on the changes
taking place. This is why we made the announcement very early to help you understand.

Remember, anyone who becomes a Customer or Independent Associate before we launch LGN
International will be grandfathered in at the $19.95 monthly rate. This is a great savings and selling point.
If you are holding off on your business waiting for the changes, you are not doing yourself any favors!
Now is the perfect time to grow your business.

I hope that you have a great Easter weekend if you celebrate! Be careful and enjoy this time with your family.


James Ward
Founder & CEO
LGN International