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周五特别惊喜!(Chinese Friday Surprise!)



Since it is Friday, I have a surprise for you. Please read this email in its entirety!

I hope you are having a great week. LGN is on FIRE!! The word is spreading about LGN International,
and your fellow LGN Customers and Associates are starting to understand and completely embrace the
incredible enhancements. With the new stand-alone products, new tools, and improved compensation plan,
it is time to go to the next level!

We have set one-day records and weekend records - And we are looking to set a new monthly record for
new customers since the announcement. If you are not building your business right now, you are
truly missing a huge opportunity!

Remember, the fee for ANYONE who becomes a Customer or Independent Associate before we launch
LGN International is only $19.95 USD per month. What an amazing value! With the new Monthly Residual Bonus,
you have the opportunity to build your team, and also help your teammates as well!

**********SPECIAL FRIDAY OFFER*********

ANYONE who makes one sale today, and only today, will be entered into a drawing for $324.00 USD
to be deposited into your fund account. This means you can either pay for a new member or customer,
or they can pay you cash and you can use the fund account to get them started!

That’s right, this promotion is in effect for today Friday, April 15, 2011 only, and ends before Midnight
tonight Pacific Daylight Time!!

Do not wait another minute in building your LGN business. If you are waiting to understand every detail completely,
then you may be left behind!

So get out there and make it happen - So when we do launch LGN International, you will be ready to rock with
your team!

Have a fantastic week!


James Ward
Founder & CEO
LGN International Inc.